Pasture Raised Meat

Local Pasture Raised Meat

Smokin’ Oaks is a small, family-run farm located in middle TN, just outside the greater Nashville area.  All of our animals are pasture raised on our farm where they are allowed to roam free across a given pasture for days at a time before being moved to a new pasture (to enjoy fresh grass!). We supplement their diets with various organic grains towards the end of their maturation (also known as “grain finished”) to increase the meat fat content and flavor.

Our animals are always treated for health problems organically and we never treat them with antibiotics, and they are never given growth hormones or steroids. We have a veterinarian who is also an organic nutritionist, ensuring we have an excellent team available to address any issues that come up. 

Bottom line:  We pasture raise meat to keep animal health at the forefront, while also being mindful of providing you the highest quality meat. 

Grass Fed & Organic Pasture Raised: Confusion vs Goodness

Sometimes we hear questions like “is your meat organic?” or “is it grass fed?”  Well, yes.  But sadly the definitions of these terms have gotten a bit murky as marketing and labeling and certifications have deemed “organic” to equivocate with “organic certified” and “grass fed” with “only grass fed.”  The reality is that most “organic certified” meat is still raised in tight quarters with little animal health in mind, while truly “grass fed” meat generally has a gamey and lean flavor that makes it less desirable on the dinner table.

By pasture raising our animals on diets of grass and some feed we are able to ensure a happy blend of all the best ingredients and lifestyles without compromising taste.